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I think u posting internet mugshots that are years old ruins reputations of family men and business people that have changed their lives an no longer do anything wrong I would like mine taken off the internet I have a family an business that it is ruining Add comment

when I googled my name and I saw a couple mugshots come up I was very angry at this website, I was not angry for the one that I was guilty of, but very angry for the mug shot that I was not convicted of. I felt it made me look guilty when I wasn't. when I contacted them they gave me instructions on what to do to have it removed, it took less than 5 minutes to submit my stuff in email and they... Read more

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just found i was arrested feb 20, 2014 on busted. this is news to me for i was not.. something needs to be this false report. Add comment

Im a US Army vet who was arrested in 2006 for a bogus charge while on leave, the charges were dropped, but mugshots decided to post my personal info (with an old pic not even the original mugshot from 2001) including my address, now im in fear because i have people telling me they know where i live and my ex stalking me, im being exploited , this is extortion... I called mugshots and they said i... Read more

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100% FULL also known as Citizens Information Associates of Austin, TX extorted money from me for the removal of mugshots from their site of dropped charges.. there are several petitions out there to stop Kyle Prall, his website and others like them. Kyle Prall was recently interviewed by Inside Edition, which aired on 11/19/2013 ... here is the link to that interview where the reported... Read more

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I found an old mugshot from an incident long ago that I was arrested as the wrong person. Regardless of the situation to get these photos removed I was told I needed to pay $365. How does godaddy and others allow themselves to be a part of this criminal acts these sites are doing? I am sure most of these pics were obtained illegally, since these are not law biding people doing these sites. There... Read more

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Same situation. These websites exploit people who may or may not have committed a crime. It doesn't matter either way. They take these people's chance at starting over and again ruin their reputation. I am not a victim but know many people who are. My boyfriend just recently started a company and when you google his name, 3 different mugshot sites appear first before his company website. How is... Read more

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Why try to turn your life around? You could become a saint, and then BAM! There's your horrible offending mug shot for all the world to see on the first page of a google search. I did everything I could to better myself and turn my life around. But it will never be enough. Now I ask, why did I try? My education, my volunteer work, my 3.2 gpa.... nothing matters once someone gets a look at that... Read more

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I recently was informed as well as seen for myself when my name is googled a mugshot pops up from this company. i have tried numerous times to contact but had no luck. i called the number on the website and was never able to speak to anyone, i aldo tried sending them sn email but i kept getting an error that the email address was not valid. My case was never giled therefore i do not have nor can... Read more

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This company is committing extortion. They are taking advantage of people without any knowledge of conviction or otherwise. This is an unfair and hideous practice, especially if you were not guilty of anything'. These people also run another website with your mugshot and charge yet another fee to remove it from there..Extortion!!! The problem with these sights, they just keep popping up... Read more

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