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I was arrested 12 years ago for no proof of insurance.The charges were dismissed when a presented proof in court.

I recently googled my own name and this came up first in the list. They charge a $68 fee to remove a mugshot whether you guilty or NOT. Maybe you should google your own name or visit this site and see for yourself. You may be surprised and angered at what you find.

This is an unfair and hideous practice, especially if you were not guilty of anything. These people also run another website with your mugshot and charge yet another fee to remove it from there.

Again try searching BUSTEDMUGSHOTS.COM for your full name or just google it.The more innocent people are made aware of this *** the more likely it can be stopped.

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Please sign out petition to stop sites like this!



I just want to put this on record that my mugshots were put out there too by mugshots.com and I wasn't too happy about it,

and only one of them was from a DWI that I was guilty of, and that really didn't bother me, it is public record.but what DID bother me was mugshots for things that I was never convicted of and I was innocent.

but the way it looked on there website that I was guilty.

that really bothered me. but I have to say in there defense all I had to do was get my criminal record online which is free , email it to the address given at the bottom of the page on their website, follow the instructions like give them your name and a copy of the URL that your mugshots are located on and they will remove them in less than 24 hours, it's that simple no fee or anything!

the only catch to this is that they only have to remove them if you are not convicted of the crime.

so if you were found guilty they do not have to remove them.

they were very business-like and removed my stuff.:-)


Justmugshots.com IP address is and localblotter.com (which lists arrests but no photo) is two appear to be hosted by: STATIC.corelink.com and the domain provider is Viawest.

I cannot find contact information for localblotter.com. I was cleared of all charges by a judge this week and want localblotter.com to take down the arrest record, which now appears high on my google search results.

How do I contact lb.com?Thank you.


Kyle Prall of bustedmugshots.com aka Citizens Information Associates (Austin, TX) on Inside Edition -- getting a taste of his own medicine:



kyle prall of bustedmugshots.com aka citizens information associates on inside edition!!! getting a taste of his own medicine:



First of all, I would like to say I strongly believe the two sites, florida-mugshot.com and bustedmugshots.com are one in the same based off of similarities between their site layouts, removal forms and etc. And just like when you see a cockroach, there are always more meaning maybe other mugshot websites are operating under the same umbrella of criminals..

A few months ago, I paid bustedmugshots.com to remove hyperlinks of me to crimes I was arrested for that were dropped. There is still one mugshot of me on their site for an actual convicted crime, a worthless check my ex-wife wrote, but it is what it is and I refuse to pay them anymore money. Earlier last week, I discovered another site this one with multiple mugshots of me. They want money is the bottom line, but here's the problem. If these websites all work together, collaborate, etc, then what they are doing would be classified as organized crime and more specifically extortion. And these new photos / links didn't appear until a few months after bustedmugshots.com extorted money from me.

Furthermore, the new site florida-mugshot.com is falsifying public records for financial gain by not only displaying photographs of me for dropped charges, but also for listing the wrong charges with the wrong mugshots.

I've run a search on this new seemingly mirror-site of bustedmugshots.com, florida-mugshot.com, and cannot locate who owns the site or where they are located. I've tried sunbiz.org, bbb.org...

Bustedmugshots.com is run by Citizens Information Associates 604 Nueces Austin, Texas 78701 Phone: (800) 849-2878 Fax: (512) 758-8078 with a recent Kyle Prall as CEO while there are no records on florida-mugshot.com I could locate anywhere on the internet apart from their website resolving IP and hosting company.

florida-mugshot.com has a resolving IP of and is being hosted by OVH Hosting Inc, which is a web hosting company based in Montreal/QC (Canada). The contact info for this hosting company's abuse department is: 855-684-5463; and their abuse email is simply 'abuse' at their domain: ovh.ca.

If florida-mugshot.com is affiliated with bustedmugshots.com or others like it, them using a foreign hosting company may aid them in skirting the law and coming house bills, temporarily. They should still have some type of business licensing or FEIN since they would be a 'for profit' entity, but when I asked for this information my question was ignored by florida-mugshot.com and bustedmugshots.com verbally refused to tell me; however, I did locate them using google.

Also, if florida-mugshot.com is registered / licensed under a different company category, like Citizens Information Associates is really bustedmugshots.com, that may help them circumvent the credit card companies blacklisting their mugshot extortion websites.

Here are some helpful links regarding mugshot extortion along with petitions:

1. change.org/petitions/mugshots-com-stop-operations-and-extortion-done-by-mugshots-com

2. ipetitions.com/petition/petition-to-florida-state-elected-representatives

3. mugshotsextortion.blogspot.com/2012/05/marc-gary-epstein-and-mugshots.html?showComment=1386471285307&m=1

4. informationweek.com/security/vulnerabilities-and-threats/online-extortion-the-ethics-of-unpublishing/d/d-id/899740?piddl_msgid=195045&piddl_msgposted=yes#msg_195045

5. classactionagainstmugshotwebsites.com

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to Anonymous Tampa, Florida, United States #1036787

Anything new related to this older issue?:) bustedmugshots.com is still in business and making money, the only company of this nature.

Why is Kyle Prall still able to operate it?

Any lawyer or government agency involved and able to help with this?:)




Anyone who has had there mugshot posted by these mugshot scam companies, whether you were guilty or not, has been a victim of a crime by the mugshot scammers.Report this to IC3.gov.

The FBI is building a case to lock Kyle Prall (bustedmugshots.com) and all those other a**holes up for a really long time. The more complaints and victims... the more time the mugshot company owners will face. So let the FBI Internet Crimes Division at IC3.GOV know that you have been a victim.

Google FBI mugshot scam to see the official FBI warning against these thugs.

Also, Kyle Prall is a convicted felony drug dealer with multiple arrests.

Don't give him a dime.Your mugshot will just end up on another website of his.

to Fight Back Tampa, Florida, United States #743297

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!I will go to the IC3.gov site and send in a complaint.

If you need help with anything else you might be doing to expose and punish this rip off artist, Kyle Prall, BUSTED MUGSHOTS, please write me back and let me know.God bless you!

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