Thousands of people are being criminalized by mug-shot websites that collect ad revenue at their expense. Making look like they are serving public, in reality they are money hungry "businessmen".

Handful of entrepreneurs are making real money by publicly shaming people who've run afoul of State law. They don't care if you are guilty or not as long as they have money flow. I don't think these people realize how they're affecting people; some of the lost their jobs, friends.Moreover,your picture comes up one of the first on Google search.

Sure, they make sure it's there,for all the world to see.!

Monetary Loss: $119.

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These money extortionists also try to get money from me but I didn't pay anything. After they receive a payment to remove a mugshot they post it back a few days later on another website and start again their business...

"Guilty" or "Proven innocent after arrest" they don't care they are just "greedy" for easy money... I didn't know that in a country like the USA "Money extortion" was legal...

to Frenchy2012 Phoenix, Arizona, United States #612923

I know it's *** I don't see how they can do that.

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